Part of the research in the Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) Lab consists of experiments that use either an electrolysis process, a high pressure, or an arc process to force hydrogen atoms into the lattice structure of a thin film (500 1000 A) of metal. In this manner a very high loading, approaching 1 atom H/atom metal is achieved, a necessary condition for LENRs. One of the major goals of this research is to examine the metal before and after the experiment, to establish the signatures of LENRs by studying transmutation products. Another goal is to measure the energy output of the unit. If an ample amount is released, such cells offer an attractive small power source for future distributed energy systems. As support to experimental area a computer code (C.L.A.I.R.E.) that simulates the dynamics of charged particle in a metal lattice has been developed.




 Ag-110m ELECTROLYTIC CELL (page under construction)

 PRESSURE LOADING THIN FILMS (page under construction)



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