Staff at the LENRs Lab

George H. Miley, Giovanna Selvaggi, Mike J. Williams, Andrew N. Tate, Maria Okuniewski


George H. Miley

George Miley is Professor of Nuclear and Electrical/Computer Engineering at the University of Illinois, U-C Campus. He is well known in the cold fusion area for his r esearch on LENRs, and as editor of Fusion Technolog, an ANS publication. He is also editor of two other professional journals, Laser and Particle Beams and Journal of Plasma Physics, published by Cambridge University Press.

His research accomplishments in hot fusion, lasers, and energy conversion have been recognized by Fellow appointments in three different professional societies: APS, ANS and IEEE. Other honors include the Edward Teller Medal, ANS Fusion Research Achievement Award, Guggenheim Fellowship , and the Halliburton Engineering Education Leadership Award. He is a consultant at several National Laboratories and serves on various State and Federal scientific committees. He is dedicated to student teaching and has supervised a number of MS and Ph.D. theses covering a wide variety of topics.


Giovanna Selvaggi

Giovanna Selvaggi is Research Assistant at the Nuclear, Plasma, and radiological Engineering Laboratory at the University of Illinois. She graduated in Theoretical Physics from University " La Sapienza" in Rome (Italy). Giovanna has research experience on hydrogenated metal phenomenology in condensed matter at National Institute of Nuclear Physics (Frascati Laboratories). There, she has developed loading techniques with electrolytic cells on very thin palladium wires. She also has been collaborating at National Corporation for Alternative Energy (ENEA) in Frascati on metal stress caused by very high loading. Giovanna worked for the Physics Department in Rome on graphical and editorial support. She is currently working on her M.S. Degree at the UIUC with interest in low energy nuclear reactions. In particular, she is interested on the evaluation of the nuclear reaction probability for deuterons in condensed matter on the basis of a coherent behaviour of the electrons and deuterons plasmas in the palladium lattice. She also is developing software, C.L.A.I.R.E., which simulates charged particles within a metal lattice loaded with hydrogen or deuterium to develop a three dimensional analysis of the lattice confinement effect on ions dynamics in condensed matter.


Mike Williams

Mike Williams is Senior Electronics Engineer at the UI's Nuclear Engineering Dept. He has been with the UI for twenty-five years. He holds bachelor's degrees in Electrical Engineering and Anthropology. Mike's primary duty is to provide electronics support for the teaching labs and research projects in the Nuclear Engineering Department. The majority of his time is spent with the LENRs Group and with Dr. Miley's Inertial Electrostatic Confinement (IEC) fusion project. Mike's areas of expertise include high voltage system, pulsed energy system, high-vacuum, radiation measurement and radio-frequency systems including microwave radar.


Andrew Nathan Tate

Andy Tate is Research Assistant at the University of Illinois. He received his B.S. degree in Nuclear Engineering from the University of Missouri - Rolla in May of 1998. He is currently working on obtaining a Master's degree, also in Nuclear Engineering, at the UIUC. His previous work experience includes an internship at CF Systems in Arvada, Colorado where he helped design, build, and test two liquid-liquid extraction pilot plants. He has also served as a youth director at Delhi Baptist Church in Cuba, Missouri, a summer missionary for the Missouri Baptist Convention, and a summer intern for the city of Springfield, Missouri. In regards to research, Andy is interested in low energy nuclear reactions and nuclear waste management.


Maria Okuniewski

Maria A. Okuniewski graduated from the University of Tampa with a B.S. in Biology and Marine Science while minoring in Chemistry. Previous experience included employment at Clean Energy Technologies, Inc. as a research scientist where topics including new hydrogen energy, isotopic separations of hydrogen, radioactive amelioration, and environmental remediation were pursued. As a biologist and laboratory manager for the Bio Lab of Florida she participated in bioassay aquatic toxicity testing . At NOAA as well as the Environmental Protection Commission of Hillsborough County she performed as a research assistant investigating benthic communities. At the University of Tampa she acquired additional research, in addition to teaching experience. Maria is currently pursuing her master's degree at UIUC in Nuclear Engineering. Her research interest includes gas loading in fusion materials.


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